KDP College Volume 1 - Importing Images

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An Easy-To-Follow Guide To Creating Image-based Low Content Books

Kindle Direct Publishing is a terrific platform for creating recurring revenue on autopilot. With the right books you can earning passive income for years, with little to no effort once your books are set up. I have done this and receive a regular monthly income from Amazon - this isn't just another make money pipedream!

BUT: getting your books into the platform isn't always straightforward and there are some tricks and tips that you'll need to learn if you're going to be successful.

This is why I created the KDP College series of books - to help newcomers and experienced sellers alike solve some of those knotty and time-consuming problems.

In this book I explain from start to finish how to import and format images in bulk.

If you've been struggling to set up your coloring or puzzle books, spending hours playing around with the images on each page, then you need to read this - it's going to save you so much time!

You will learn:

  • How to set up your pages correctly

  • Which platform to use for free

  • My special tool that makes importing images a breeze

  • How to format images in bulk

  • And lots more...

You can pick up my free image files to practice on HERE and HERE


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A no-fluff 12 page .pdf report with over-the shoulder details and no steps left out.

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KDP College Volume 1 - Importing Images

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